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Response to recent happenings

I feel a build up in my chest, I can shed a thousand tears none of which belong to me. For our people, nation, world. Thirst, hunger, pain, fear, hate, tragedy. Let’s open our ears, eyes, arms and hearts. Diverse does not have to equal perverse. Let fear not lead us to mistakes done by those before. Let wisdom, love, hope be the driving force and change for a better tomorrow be our aim. Advertisements

My Mother’s Love Letters

My mother is a woman of strong character, unyielding pride, and highly critical. She is not a woman who has historically said “I love you” or “te quiero.” But as a teenager even through our disagreements, even when she was infuriated she never refrained from offering me food and this is how I knew we would get past it.  Like many other Latina women, my mother’s cooking has become her main avenue of unconditional expressed care and affection. I now understand that a plate of warm quesadillas, was much more than that. As a Mexican woman it is no surprise my mother’s values are consistent with the Latino cultural values of “familismo” and “marianismo,” which emphasize family loyalty and self-sacrifice above all. My mother’s identity is made up of these two values, she makes it a goal to care for her family, her husband, children and grandchildren, to the extent of sacrificing comfort and personal preference. A prime example of this is cooking for everyone else while being the last to eat and still washing the dishes at …