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Response to recent happenings

I feel a build up in my chest, I can shed a thousand tears none of which belong to me. For our people, nation, world. Thirst, hunger, pain, fear, hate, tragedy. Let’s open our ears, eyes, arms and hearts. Diverse does not have to equal perverse. Let fear not lead us to mistakes done by those before. Let wisdom, love, hope be the driving force and change for a better tomorrow be our aim. Advertisements

On Pregnancy and Change

I published my last post on April 24th 2015. Exactly one month later I would find out I was 5 weeks pregnant. As you could imagine this life changing news has kept me preoccupied and without time to write on my experiences until now. I am 38 weeks pregnant this Sunday. Awaiting the arrival of my little. Knowing my life will forever be altered, but not knowing exactly how. In these last 9 months I have already felt transformed both physically and mentally. Constantly amazed at this process going on inside of me, process of a life growing. Other than the obvious event that must occur in order to get pregnant, I felt as though I had very little to do with the ongoing life development. I felt a spectator to my own body, having no choice but to watch in awe, and I did. As a self proclaimed control freak such a situation where I have so little control usually has my panties in a bunch. However, I think the hormone cocktail inside me helped to put me at …