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Sausage Party Societal Review

It might surprise you that I perceived “Sausage Party” as a film makers societal review and attempt for audiences to question how we compartmentalize groups of people, limit ourselves to be critical thinkers by our religious views, deny our mortality.


What do your favorite movies say about you? 8 Personality profiles based on the most popular film genres

What do your favorite movies say about you? I met a talented film maker during my teaching internship who posed a similar question. I ruminated on this thought on my drive home because it had not occurred to me that the films that entertain me could also reflect in part the way I think, dream, play and generally relate to others in my everyday life. But why would this be surprising? If the entertainment that we continually seek has recurrent themes and evokes specific experiences, it is also likely we are attracted to similar experiences in our daily lives. I have created, 8 personality profiles based on popular film genres lets see if your personality fits your preferred genre? All across America there are ticket stubs being printed, popcorn being buttered, and film du jour being watched.  In the U.S. and Canada alone 2014 saw 10.36 billion in revenue at the box office. Like me, some prefer the comfort of their own home but either way film sector along with  the entertainment industry as a whole  is estimated to earn over 679 billion U.S. dollars …