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Pregnant and Chic

 Pregnant and chic typically not two words that you hear in combination. This society pretty much fat shames all woman, pregnant women are not the exception. For me during my initial months of pregnancy my protruding belly and scale raising figure was a difficult adjustment. For someone who has historically loved fashion and dressing up, mornings presented a new challenge. But I learned to embrace the change and adapted my wardrobe without spending an insane amount on unattractive maternity clothes, I managed to maintain my personal sense of style only buying a few larger undergarments, couple of nightgowns for around the house, two pairs of maternity pants, a couple of stretchy dresses and loose fitting tops I could still wear after pregnancy, and tights which were an absolute must for me. Here are a few of my documented outfits that may help other preggies to  lose the sweats and moo moos and feel fabulous up until your delivery date. Advertisements

Shedding Old Clothes

I am fond of fashion. I don’t necessary follow the latest trends or own designer things, but I do love dressing up. I often have strangers ask, where did you find that item of clothing? And sometimes I am able to answer H&M. But other times I don’t remember where I bought a particular item of clothing, it could have been a thrift store.  I tend to fall in love with a certain pieces of clothing or shoes that stay with me for years I’m thinking its gotten pretty bad when my husband encourages me to shop! My husband sometimes points out that I need to get new clothes when he notices a tear or wearing on my clothes. I am not sure why I have hard time letting go of some clothes, I guess I feel I could not find another piece like it, or maybe its just the penny pincher in me. I didn’t grow up with very much so my mother always taught us to make the most of what we have. Sometimes it is difficult to shed …