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Sausage Party Societal Review

There is some controversy surrounding Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg’s latest raunchy animated movie “Sausage Party” which premiered in theatres August 12th 2016. After reading such reviews from Social Justice Warriors suggesting racist and sexist agenda, I questioned whether I should too support it in the box office. But my husband and I watched it over its opening weekend and although “raunchy” shocking and filled with racial stereotypes, I did not perceive it as racist and sexist. I left the theatre feeling like such organizations like SJW misunderstood the intent of the film by focusing on the literal content.

It might surprise you that I perceived “Sausage Party” as a film makers societal review and attempt for audiences to question how we compartmentalize groups of people, limit ourselves to be critical thinkers by our religious views, deny our mortality.

The Film makers choice to cast food products as main characters emphasizes our mortality as humans, because as we know most food products are consumed and share with humanity the inevitability of perishing. However, in the film the characters are unaware of such a fate, and when confronted with this reality quickly try to deny it.

In the film religion is represented in a song the foods sing daily (stories we tell ourselves and pass along to generations). The song depicts life outside the supermarket as one to strive for and one of lifelong happiness that unbeknownst to them is a lie that was told to help the food confront their doomed fates without resistance.

The stereotypical racial representations in the film are only a satire on how we as a society compartmentalize our beliefs of groups of people based on race, gender, sexual orientation and religion.

Agree or disagree on the intent of content, this is a film I recommend watching for yourself. At the very least you’ll chuckle and in my view be watching a first of it’s kind in the world of animation.


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