Year: 2016

Sausage Party Societal Review

It might surprise you that I perceived “Sausage Party” as a film makers societal review and attempt for audiences to question how we compartmentalize groups of people, limit ourselves to be critical thinkers by our religious views, deny our mortality.


Response to recent happenings

I feel a build up in my chest, I can shed a thousand tears none of which belong to me. For our people, nation, world. Thirst, hunger, pain, fear, hate, tragedy. Let’s open our ears, eyes, arms and hearts. Diverse does not have to equal perverse. Let fear not lead us to mistakes done by those before. Let wisdom, love, hope be the driving force and change for a better tomorrow be our aim.

On being a new mom

My son was born three months ago, and nothing not even 9 months of pregnancy could have prepared me for what awaited me. I had some vague idea about what it meant to be a parent, I mean I knew many parents including my own mother who birthed seven and was a pro at it. So naively I thought to myself, there is not much to this. Before my son’s birth I had engaged in endless research on pregnancy and the birth and delivery process but somehow didn’t think to research on how to take care of a new human being!Oh man and those first two weeks home were tough. I quickly learned that parenting wouldn’t be just another accomplishment to check off my list. My new born wouldn’t be the cutest accessory accompanying me on my daily adventures. My hobbies would not be exercised as freely as before. I wouldn’t be free on Friday evenings to drink with my girlfriends. I wouldn’t be able to go on morning hikes to the highest peaks in …

French Toast Cravings

I know breakfast it said to be the most important meal of the day but regardless of that fact with most breakfast items being comprised of carbohydrates, sweets, and pork, I’d be a fool to skip it. When I was around 9 years old the aroma of French toast early one morning lured me into a friendly neighbor’s house who graciously taught me how to make my first cooked meal ever. I continue to make it for myself when I want something more than your basic butter and toast. Similarly, another item I find simply irresistible are cinnamon buns. Of course I always end up guilt ridden knowing I consumed my daily calorie intake in one of those irresistibly gooey frosting topped buns. Today was one of those days I was craving a good Cinnamon bun. I am not much of a baker so I decided to make an easy variation of French toast with the gooey cinnamon and frosting deliciousness I usually love in cinnamon buns. Here is what you’ll need (but please feel free to substitute ingredients that you already have, I usually do) Ingredients: (serving size: 4 French toast) 2 cups …

Pregnant and Chic

 Pregnant and chic typically not two words that you hear in combination. This society pretty much fat shames all woman, pregnant women are not the exception. For me during my initial months of pregnancy my protruding belly and scale raising figure was a difficult adjustment. For someone who has historically loved fashion and dressing up, mornings presented a new challenge. But I learned to embrace the change and adapted my wardrobe without spending an insane amount on unattractive maternity clothes, I managed to maintain my personal sense of style only buying a few larger undergarments, couple of nightgowns for around the house, two pairs of maternity pants, a couple of stretchy dresses and loose fitting tops I could still wear after pregnancy, and tights which were an absolute must for me. Here are a few of my documented outfits that may help other preggies to  lose the sweats and moo moos and feel fabulous up until your delivery date.

On Pregnancy and Change

I published my last post on April 24th 2015. Exactly one month later I would find out I was 5 weeks pregnant. As you could imagine this life changing news has kept me preoccupied and without time to write on my experiences until now. I am 38 weeks pregnant this Sunday. Awaiting the arrival of my little. Knowing my life will forever be altered, but not knowing exactly how. In these last 9 months I have already felt transformed both physically and mentally. Constantly amazed at this process going on inside of me, process of a life growing. Other than the obvious event that must occur in order to get pregnant, I felt as though I had very little to do with the ongoing life development. I felt a spectator to my own body, having no choice but to watch in awe, and I did. As a self proclaimed control freak such a situation where I have so little control usually has my panties in a bunch. However, I think the hormone cocktail inside me helped to put me at …