Month: March 2014

Cooking with an Amateur: Portuguese Sausage Risotto

Originally posted on Onequalitylife:
Last Thursday night I decided to be somewhat indulgent with dinner with it being the end the week and all. Here’s a dish with spicy Portuguese sausage, and really how can anyone go wrong with a pork product. If you have never made risotto it’s important for me to mention that it takes a while and careful attention. But totally worth it, specially when enjoying a glass of wine in the process. I’ve made risotto several times before always a little differently, making sure to add ingredients that I already have in the house. I would describe risotto as in between pasta and rice. If you go shopping for it you want to look for Orzo authentic Italian pasta and use 2 cups. Here are some other essential ingredients: 1. Chicken stock (low sodium preferred)  as much as needed until texture is right,  8 cups or so 2. One cup white wine, 3. 1/2 onion, 4. Two or Three cloves of garlic 5. Table spoon butter (I’ve used alternative to butter) 6.…