About onequality

paris meMy name is Elizabeth a southern California girl, who is in the mental health field. I have found that my inspiration takes form in many different ways, sometimes this inspiration brings an inkling to write, other times it inspires me to cook, draw, sing. Sometimes it shines best through my fashion.  Like many of us I’m attempting to live a quality and fulfilling life by learning, relating and generally examining my inner and outer world on a daily basis. Because an unexamined life is not worth living. I say if we only have one life to live lets make it a QUALITY ONE in whatever shape or form it takes!Because one quality life equals two, three, four…


Topics I cover:

Personal reflections

Fashion & Beauty

Health for body

Confessions from a therapist

Cooking with an amateur

Food critic wannabe

If you have any suggestions for the kind of things you would like to read, I’m open to hearing them 🙂




  1. I was perusing your blog, and it’s a really nice quick look at your fashion perspective. I think you have some great ideas and I really like your vintage choices.

    So, I’m a LA based photographer, and I just wanted to say hello. My website is Lukedavidphoto.com and I’m currently shooting headshots and working with another fashion blogger. My shots on her blog TheHagBlog.com helped her receive sponsorship from a fashion app. I’d love to help you improve the quality of your photography to strengthen your own online presence. Take a look at my stuff and let me know if that is something that interests you!

    I’m sorry I’m contacting you through this reply space! I couldn’t find an email address!



  2. Hey Elizabeth,

    I love this site. Fantastic. I am fastcinated by what your day to day must be like as a therapist. I am currently a student in Holistic Nutrition, and then plan on becoming a Counsellor, or getting my Masters in Counselling Psych. I love helping people become more self aware. I have never seen a blog like yours in terms of the content. Truly refreshing. If you have any questions about food or natural nutrition, shoot me a comment or email: thenutrientblueprint@gmail.com

    What is your favorite part about being a therapist?

    • Thank you for the comment and interest Amanda. My favorite part of being a therapist, is witnessing “aha” moments and increased insight in self motivated clients. Or when clients invite me in their lives and show me who they are. Great question, maybe I’ll feature it as a blog post. thanks again

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